Consultancy opportunity to conduct EU funded project mid-term review with Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT)

Consultancy  opportunity to conduct EU funded project mid-term review with Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT)


1. Background

The Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT) was established in 2000. FACT has been working to strengthen the NGO coalition, and the Coalition of Cambodian Fishers (CCF) for advocacy on fisheries resources; support the capacity development of fishing community leaders and focal persons; and strengthening grassroots organizations (CBOs) to empower them to work and advocate on practical issues that are affecting their livelihoods. FACT implements its program activities in three regions of Cambodia, in particular Tonle Sap, Coastal and Mekong regions.

Currently, FACT was receiving the financial support from the EU for implementing three-years  (2016-2018) Action called “Strengthening capacity of Fishers’ Network and NGO coalition towards fisheries resources sustainability and ownership in Mekong and Tonle Sap regions (SFiN-NGO)”

The overall objective of SFIN-NGO:  To contribute to the improvement of policies and law enforcement, better access to and control of fishery resources, and improved livelihoods.

The specific objective of the Action: Grassroots Cambodian fishers and communities in Cambodia’s Mekong and Tonle Sap are well strengthened and empowered to protect and conserve fisheries resources in sustainable manner.

To realise the above specific objective, the proposed actions will work towards the below expected results:

  • R1: Networking between NGO partners working on fisheries resources management in Cambodia’s Mekong and Tonle Sap is established and well strengthened.
  • R2: Networking between grassroots fishers and communities in Cambodia’s Mekong and Tonle Sap is established, strengthened and empowered to advocate for better fisheries resources management via policy dialogues and advocacy campaigns
  • R3: Fisheries resources in the target areas where the project implemented will be increased
  • R4: A result of baseline fish catch study and monitoring and evaluation on the fish catch will be produced and disseminated widely among donors, NGO partners and grassroots communities.
  • R5: Experience, lesson learnt from the project implementation will be replicated via learning and replication workshop(s).

The Action targeted two regions of Cambodia – Tonle Sap and Mekong regions. In Mekong region, the Action mainly focusses in two provinces – Stung Treng (2 communes and 2 districts) and Kampong Cham provinces (6 communes and 1 district). Meanwhile, the Action targeted the Tonle Sap region covering three provinces-Pursat (2 commune and 2 districts such as  Me Teuk of Bakan and Raing Til commune of Kandieng District), Battambang (1 commune of Preychas and 1 district of Ek Phnom) and Kampong Chhnang ( 3 communes of Chhnok Trou, Boribo District and Ampil Teuk and Kampong Tralach Communes, of Kampong Tralach District).

The target groups of the project include one national NGO coalition working on fisheries NGO Coalition on Fisheries (NGO-CF) of around 38 NGO members and one national grassroots coalition Colition of Cambodia Fishers/Coalition of Community-based Organizations (CCF/CCBO) of 55 CBO-based members. The members of both coalitions are from Mekong, Tonle Sap and coastal provinces of Cambodia. Then, the SFiN-NGO also targeted 14 CBOs (three from Mekong and eleven from Tonle Sap) of around 5,762 (2,349 women and 1,052) as direct final beneficiary group and 122,801 (62,911 women and 3,6497 youth) as indirect final beneficiary group.  

To ensure the achievement of the results of the Action, there are four components have to implemented:  1) the capacity building and networking phase, 2) the advocacy phase, 3) conservation of FCAs, and 4) the documentation and sharing phase. 

2. Objectives

The objectives of this consultancy are:

  1. To review the progress of the Action against action plan (5ERs);
  2. To assess how well and to what extent the project has fulfilled their promised results;
  3. To evaluate how project has helped the CCF/CCBO and NGO-CF– the relevant, effectiveness, efficiency progress towards impact and owership;
  4. To identify the challenges and provide recommendations for improvement of the project implementation for the remaining timeline;
  5. To document lesson learnt/best practices from the project implementation to inform how the SFiN-NGO should be prepared, what main points have to be included in the further plan, and recommend on what performance should be improved and how.

3. Expected OutputS

The expected outputs of the consultancy are:

  1. A concise report in English with maximum of 40 pages which clearly outlines the midterm evaluation process, methods, analysis, findings, and recommendation and best practice/lesson learnt.
  2. Oral or visual presentation of the draft and final report to FACT representative for comments and suggestions.
  3. Organization of the consulation/validation workshop with participating of donors, FACT, NGO-CF and CCf/CCBOs members and other relevant stakeholders.
  4. Submission of the final report, database/statistics, analytical framework, and other relevant midterm evaluation documents in soft copy to FACT, no later than November 10th 2017.


The activities of the consultancy are to:

  • Produce a realistic mid-term evaluation workplan in close consulting with FACT.
  • Desk review the SFiN-NGO project proposal (2016-2018), the reports, database, and baseline study reports.
  • Design appreciated evaluation methods (Outline: rational, objectives, sample approach, data collection tool and approach, and data analysis).
  • Prepare and hold fieldwork data collecting with all selected key respondents by applying agreed methodologies including data entry and analysis.
  • Meet with project team to present findings from fieldwork prior to writing first draft report.
  • Produce a precise mid-term evaluation report.
  • Oral/visal presentation draft and final report to FACT.
  • Arrange the validation workshop and present the findings to donors, FACT, NGO-CF and CCF/CCBO members and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Address comments and suggestion and submit the report by agreed timeline.

5. Consultancy Qualifications

The national consultant shall have the following:

  • A Master’s Degree in natural resources management and development, environmental science, development studies, or related disciplines;
  • Minimum of 5 years of working experiences in conducting research and project monitoring and evaluation in the natural resources issues;
  • Experienced in leading project monitoring and evaluation of achievement of results of development programs at the output, outcome and impact levels and research for local and international NGOs particularly EU funded project (an advantage);
  • Advanced knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methodology as well as research design, questionnaire design, data collection/analysis processes;
  • Strong understanding of NGOs networking and community based organization (CBO) in Cambodia;
  • Fluency in English and excellent report writing skills.


The total Consultant input is expected 20 working days maximum, starting between from September 6th – November 10th 2017. A detailed schedule/activity plan for the consultancy will be prepared by the consultant in close consulting with FACT representative shortly after signed contract. The final midterm evaluation report must submitted by early of November 2017, specific date to be agreed upon agreement signed.

7. Requirements

Interested candidates must submit the following documents for consideration:

  1. Evaluation protocol including rational, objectives, sample approach, data collection tools and approach;
  2. A detailed schedule/activity plan, a budget breakdown for the consultancy including fees and travel, accommodation, and other related costs;
  3. Organizational profile of consultancy agency (if any);
  4. Curriculum vitae of the core consultant(s)/team detailing core competencies and relevant work experience, highlighting that with a similar focus to the current task; and
  5. A list of at least two referees.

8. Organisation Supports

The total input is 20 working days maximum. To help support the work of the Consultant, FACT will provide copies of relevant SFiN-NGO project proposal, database, interim report, and baseline study reports. The list of target areas and groups are provided, help arrange consultation/validation workshop and presentation but Consultant will use their own computer for the work.

Deadline for submission: by 5pm of September 4th 2017

Interested candidates should submit their proposal and other required documents mentioned above to FACT at #57Z, St. 430, Sangkat Phsar Doeum Thkov, Khan Chamkarmom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia with contact number: (+855) 23 992 044/012 226 199 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .