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Coastal Program

Build up fishers and NGOs network, and finding any funding support for Coastal Team: Following significant changes in fisheries management,in particular the 2000 fisheries reform, coastal fishing communities do not fully understand the reforms policy as they lack access to information and lack the capacity to take advantage of the reforms.


In general, local people still do not take full control of their fishing grounds to support their livelihoods. Powerful people, armed forces and commercial trawlers are therefore always taking advantage of this situation.Therefore, this program aims to establish a network of NGOs in the coastal provinces that will improve small fishers rights of access to and control over fishery resources, and will support the formation of a coastal fishers network along the coastline. This project organizes fisher and NGO networks in the coastal provinces in order to resolve fisheries conflicts, and address the issue of inequity of access and sharing benefits from the marine resource that underlies these conflicts. The project achieves this by enabling a dialogue mainly through arranging meetings, raising awareness and providing trainings, and conducting research that is used for advocacy. Project Building Fishers network and NGOs coalition: To establish a network of NGOs in coastal provinces who works on fisheries and natural resources through promoting dialogues between NGOs and government agencies aiming to improve the rights of access of small fishers and supports the formulation of the coastal fisher network. Project CSPPM objective: Reduced vulnerability and improved livelihood of rural poor depending on natural resource through enhancing the capacity of communities, Civil Society Organizations ((CSOs), and increase their ability and voice to link with local government for increasing the responsive of commune council to real demands of the citizen. Support CSOs' to adaptation and application of Community Based Natural Resources Management and livelihood. Support potential and emerging opportunities for market-based development of farmer's products and for value-add chain.