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Mekong Program

Building Community Based Organization (CBO), Mekong Fishers: This new programme has been recently operating since the beginning of 2009.

This programme focuses on building up the fishers and NGOs network in the Mekong region by providing them the capacity building related to the national resources management and rightsfor improve their livelihood in fisheries sector.

There is an increased development projects in the Mekong Region, particularly in Cambodia and therefore, there is an increased concern about the impacts of these projects, particularly hydropower dams on fisheries and livelihoods of fishermen in

the Mekong as well as in the Tonle Sap. This project organizes fisher and NGO networks in the Mekong provinces in order to resolve fisheries conflicts, and address the issue of inequity of access and sharing benefits from the Mekong resource that underlies these conflicts. Project Building Mekong Fishers' network and NGO coalition in Mekong: To establish a network of fishermen and NGOs working on fisheries in order for them to link to other fisher network in Tonle Sap and coastal network.