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Collective Construction and CIP Participation

Akpiwat Prochea Chun Poum Talang, naming in English “Talang Villager Development”, was established on 5th January 2004. This CBO locates in Talang Village, Baniev Commune, Chhouk District, Kampot Province. There are 06 groups with 1128 members including 586 women. The total of saving capital is 24 million riel.   

The objectives of CBO establishment are:

-To combine many small groups together in order to save community fund for helping each other in its community and

-To promote the agriculture technique increase food security

-To increase natural resource and use sustainable

            This CBO was registered with CSPPM since November 2008. Until now, CEDAC staffs worked and built capacity CBO on:

-Strengthening the CBO on the CBO management,

-Assessing the CBO needs and priority on their needs

-Training CBO on writing proposal and submitting for small grant from CSPPM

-Developing Small grant project on community management and facilitating to submit to CRS

-Training CBO on CIP process and participation and how raise voice or advocate to stakeholder for natural resource management, community business… 

Although CBO was recognized by commune council since 2004, but communication and cooperation between CBO and CCs seem the gap and difference each others, especially CIP process. But since cooperating with CSPPM, Akpiwat Prochea Chun Poum Talang has increased communication and cooperation in good way both work relating to CBO and CCs. The communication and cooperation between CBO and CCs are mentioned below:

For CIP process implementing, supported by CEDAC staff executive members attended in CIP process of step 1 of meeting at C/S level on 22nd June 2009. In this during of meeting, they raised some real issues of villagers into table 1.1 like decreasing fisheries, breaking out of animal disease, lack of capital. Not only raising issues, but they raised solution also like forming NRM group, organizing tree planting day, increasing and forming saving group, and promoting law relating to living of villagers. Among of the raising issues and resolution was written on table 1.1. For the step 1 of meeting at village level that was held on 25th June 2009 cooperating CCs, chief of village and executive member, there are 192 participants attending in this meeting (last year have only 92 participants). Most of participants are member of CBO. As the result, participants raised 2 cases into table 1.1 at village level like decreasing natural resource and damaging road. Actually making sure raising problem and solution was took into table 1.1; executive members attend in step 1 of 3rd activities of meeting at C/S level which was held on 2nd June 2009 to complete table 1.1. As the result, all issues and resolution above are written down into table 1.1.

Beside of CIP participant, CBO cooperated in whole of members and local authority to repair road that it lengthens 300 meters and to construct water gate. For repairing road, CBO and CCs cooperated and contributed both capital and labor. The total capital of contribution is 1,720,000 riel which it is contributed from members of CBO and CCs. As the result of road conduction, over 30 households have enough water for plant and animal.

Since cooperating with CSPPM, CBO impress that they know and aware a lot on the natural resource advantage, cooperating and communicating with CCs and other stakeholders…By supporting from project, CBO will increase the self reliance like natural resource management, engaging community to CCs and accessing product in good way to market.




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