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Community Pond Brings the Hope for Fishers in the Vulnerable Area of Clean Water Shortage

Since Mrs. Ky Sokhun moved to live in Tnoat Village of Kampong Phlouk Commune, Prasad Bakong District and Siem Reap Province, her family, consisting of 7 members, have used unclean water from the channel to meet the daily demand. Because her husband named Riem Voun aged 45 years old has to do fishing away from home she has to be responsible to bring the water from other water sources such as channel and pond to drink and cook. Mrs. Sokhun at the age of 48 years old has to walk 15 minutes, 100 metres, to bring the water from the pond to her house. Usually, two younger daughters of her, 11 and 13 years old and she bring the water, take shower and clean clothes at the pond where situated at the west of the road two times a day, morning and evening.

In order to release the suffering of villagers, especially women and children, and minimize the challenges of clean water shortage they requested to integrate these issues into yearly Commune Development Plan (CDP). In the mid of 2012, with request from commune-based organizations (CBOs) and local authority, funding support from Forum Syd (FS) and local contribution from authority and people,  FACT coordinated to support digging a community pond, 37 metres long, 15 metres weigh and 4 metres deep, to store the water for dry season.

The project was aiming at promoting the response to Climate Change issue in fishery communities around Tonle Sap where there is a shortage of consumption water during dry season. The pond had been connected pipes to 3 ending parts of the pond to let people drain the water for consumption and plantation to improve the livelihoods, food security and their resilience to the impact from Climate Change.

Aunty Soeu Hoy stated that “benefit from the community pond is really huge to help my family members generate additional income. Currently, children can afford more times for their studies as they don’t have any obligation to bring water for their family. The pond also helps villagers improve their hygiene. Villagers can more frequently take shower and growth their garden in order to increase income. It’s easier for my family. Once I need water I can just spend a few steps to get. it.”. She added that “More importantly, it saves my time and labor every day”.                                         

In early 2013, Mrs. Ky Sokhun who became FACT’s partner household started that “Small part of my land where not used since long time near my house is used to plant garden. After flood season in 2013, besides sufficient daily consumption I can earn 20.00USD per month from selling water convolvulus, eggplants and corns in which I never expected before. Currently, earning from selling the crops and as I am a woman who won’t always rely on my husband I have invested the earning on a small  business to support my family”.

According to Mr. Srey Ly commune councilor No. 2 of Kampong Phlouk Commune, “the project had spent 2,325.00USD in which 2,250.00USD is donation from FS through FACT and other 75.00USD plus labor is contribution from community”. Mr. Srey Ly stated that “Water consumer has to pay 3,000Riel per year as consumption fee. The project benefited to only 54 households of total households in the village. The consumption fee will be used to clean every 3 years and maintain the pond.  Villagers living around the pond have remarkable improved their livelihoods as they can access to clean water, healthy and have more times to do other businesses. This is an alternative living to adapt to climate change”. He added that “May I, as representative of villagers and local authority, thank FS and FACT who always support the development in my commune and educate villagers on climate change issues”.



Khmer text by: Chhang Sarapech;

Translated by: Youk Senglong


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