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Effective Information Disclosure Promotes Public information

Today, Information disclosure and transparency are considered as very important part for development. Disclosing Information of government is the way of information free and this manner is strongly provided beneficiaries to target such as government, citizens, and others institutions.

Information is very important, according to Mr. So Saveth, Chief of Boribo District Councilor, it beneficiaries to government, private sector, CSOs, and especially the marginalized groups.

Receiving exact information is enable to ease for public policy and effective problem responding to community needs, particularly decision process based on the logic, efficient, and transparent manner in respectively and fully functioning in community development. As for local people, they are ensuring to participate in political and government policy implementing as they got sufficient information on external environments to make the concrete decisions in their day-to-day lives, and raising more awareness on A2I and involve with community conflict and poverty reduction.   Obviously, local admin service for residential people such as public service fees related to health, law enforcement, project development, commune budget utilizing, family and ID book, and so on.

According to Mr. Lor Salim, Kampong Laeng chief of district councilor asserted that, “information is very important for all”. He added that A2I will benefit for livelihood such as paid and unpaid services for the poor, and other additional services from others. On the other hands, they understand the important of A2I with the ways of seeking, managing, and providing by people and authority. On Kampong Laeng district, information disclosure is actively disseminated through village meetings, commune meetings, public forums, information boards, and radio programs.

      As for Mrs. Thin Pheany, local people in Koh Tamov, Kampong Preah Koki commune, said that “Information is the Food” on the reasons that it is actually not only reduce corruption but gain more benefits. In the reality, local people  can take part in commune procurement and bidding on commune development plans and other expenses in transparent manners on their local.

By Vuth Raingsey

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