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Good Cooperation with LA and Specialized Institutions to work for poverty reducing through A2I

            Fishery Action Coalition Team (FACT) is implementing the IAPI and promoting the A2I in order to reduce corruption and poverty, including good governance as well. 

            Based on the adoption in constitutional law of Cambodia, A2I and principles of information disclosure depending on the situational condition of operational areas such quite remote and isolation, furthermore, they got information shortage or hard dissemination of any informing such as community needs, commune district or provincial development plans, particularly they hardly take part in expressing concerns or demands in community development plans.

To respond these issues, FACT and API obtain the IAPI project in Kampong Chhnang province for 3 districts 9 communes, and 63 villages to increase awareness of Information Accessing for development.

     The project implementing is implementing with good cooperation with local authority such as communes, districts, provinces and specialized institutions and NGOs based on the Royal Government of Cambodia’s policies. These activities have strong cooperation and co-implement with authority and disseminate to local people on the topics of corruption delineation, domestic violence, gangster eruption, decision making process involvement in society.

  FACT-API have cooperated with local authority and other institutions, implementing the IAPI, and the current local people is increasing in awareness of thr important A2I such as relationship building, information sharing, public service fees, local administration services (National ID, Birth-Death Certificates, Health Service fees, Married Certificates…) and useful responding related to local people requests on natural resource issues, community development plans in their regions and so on, especially, in Kok Banteay commune, the CCs and fruitful relationship with specialized institutes in particular 8 of good governance elements.

By Ouk Sophat

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